Element Project 2012

All papers MUST be submitted to Turnitin.com


Enrollment password Block 4; 5908870

Password: element


Printable: Chemistry 271-Final Element Project




Coolest Periodic Table EVER!



The periodic table consists of over 100 elements. In this project you will investigate and report on an element, a simple compound or a scientist. This project requires that you write a no less than 3 page paper and prepare a 4-8 page PowerPoint presentation or another “approved” method presentation (skit, prezi, commercial, song, etc.).

 Possible Project Topics  

Requirements for each part:

A.    Written Report

·    “Body” of paper is due into Turnitin.com by 11:30pm, on  1/13/2013

·    Hard copy of report due when you walk into class the following morning on 1/14/2013

                (do not come to class and tell me that you have to print it, presentations will start immediately)

1.      No less than 2-3 double spaced pages, no “extra” spacing between paragraphs.

2.      12 point Times New Roman font (this one, this size)

3.      1” margins-be careful, Word has default left and right margins of 1.25”!!!!

4.      Minimum of 4 resources, you must have 3 different types of media-NO WIKI!!

5.      Separate title and bibliography pages. (Must Use Noodle-Tools)

6.      Information given should be CORRECT and on YOUR level.


8.      Apply the same ideas given below to write your paper.


B.     PowerPoint Presentation- Due in the X: drive by 2:30 pm on 1/21/2013 regardless of your day to present!

4 to 8 slides-not limited to, but some ideas listed below for the element option.

1.      atomic model, mass number and atomic number

2.      electron configuration

3.      pictures and uses

4.      environmental issues, hazards, handling precautions, or historical disasters, significance to humanity

5.      interactions with other elements or compounds

6.      you may apply or expand on any concept learned in class


Alternate to PowerPoint. If you are extraordinarily creative you may, with my permission, do:


1.      A skit, commercial, poem, song, spoof, rap, or video, etc…….

2.      See me for permission to substitute and the required details for your idea.

You may employ the help of other students –with proper permission where necessary.


Miscellaneous Guidelines and Warnings:  

·         PowerPoints must be saved on the X: drive in the Foster folder.

o   The filename should be your last name -symbol.

o   Example: foster-Ag

·         Part B should take 2-4 min. to present, no less, no more.

·         Your presentation date will be assigned on 6/5-YOU MUST BE READY on your day!!

·         Only present information that is on your level, so that it may be understood by the class

·         Any type of disrespect to presenters will result in a subjective loss of points to your project grade, this include talking, gum snapping, etc. during presentations.

·         Do not add “effects” or timers to EVERYTHING on your PowerPoint slides.

·         Be sure to read the attached rubric!!



Late Deductions for Paper or PowerPoint:

4  1 day late:  -15 points

4  2 days late: -30 points

4  3 days late: -45 points

L  4 days – don’t bother, no credit


Deductions for Plagiarism (including quotations):

     This is a fact-based paper so I expect there to be a small amount that will appear.

4  0-20%       no deduction

4  21-30%     5 points off

4  31-40%     10 points off

4  41-50%     15 points off

4  51-60%     20 points off

L  >60% - no credit given (this has happened)

The worst I have gotten was 98% plagiarized without the fonts even changed

from where they were cut and paste from......L