Chemistry 245 Project

Mrs. Foster, Winter 2012

This project will have two parts. You MUST do one of them, the other is optional. They are both worth a 100 point test grade.


Rubric Link

chem245/Paper and Glogster Interactive Poster rubrics.doc-printable rubrics

Chemistry 245 Project-printable assignment handout

         Part 1- Famous Chemist or Chemistry related topic, chemical or element.

         For this part you may either research:

a.    a famous chemist (use list) or

b.    a chemistry related topic (use listfor ideas)

You will be writing a 1 - 2 page paper for your research. Guidelines for the paper will be as follows (and will be strictly observed)

 1.      Double spaced, 12 point Times New Roman font

         (this one, this size-not in bold)

2.    1 margins-be careful, Word has default left and right margins of 1.25!!!!

3.    Minimum of 3 resources which must be cited ON THEIR OWN PAGE! -NO WIKI!!

4.    You may include ANY relevant information, history, accomplishments relative to chemistry  or how your topic includes chemistry. (ex: what do the chemicals in acid rain do?)

5.    Information given should be CORRECT and on YOUR level. Meaning that you can read your paper to your classmates and explain what you wrote.

6.    NO HEADINGS OR PICTURES ON ANY PAGE OF YOUR PAPER!1 pages of typed text without added crap. Just a cover page with your name, block and topic and a source page.

7.    MUST be submitted to or it WILL NOT COUNT!!!

         Information to submit papers:

  • go to and create a new account OR add my class to an existing account. When asked for the class ID and password, enter the following:
  • class ID's 
  • Block 1=5908850,
  • Block 2=5908857
  • password: element

         >20% plagiarism on a fact based paper will be ok.

 Part 2- Famous Chemist or chem topic, chemical or element interactive poster.

For this part you will go to and :

a.     If you don't already have one, create a new account!

b.    Create an interactive poster using the person/topic that you wrote about. If you are only doing this option, pick a topic/chemist.

c.    Follow the grading  Rubric Link to see what is required.

d.    Email the link to your finished and saved project.

 Plagiarism of any kind will not be tolerated OR graded