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Chemical Reactions/Stoichiometry Practice Test







Test Practice 2 Parts!!!


Part 1 = Moles and Formulas Practice Test


Part 2 = Math and Sig Fig Practice Test


Open Ended Pretest Practice. Some of the questions shown here were deleted to take out Molarity because you didn't do that yet so you need to match up the problems.

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        Pretest solutions #1-10 




Dimensional Analysis/Conversions Quiz Practice






Midterm Practice Test


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Bonding Quiz Practice



Nomenclature (Names/formulas) test info and link

If you are from period 1 you MUST take this test.

Periods 3 and 5 may retake this here if you think your grade will improve. It is the same as the in-class test.

The test must be completed by 1/10/2015.

Use your ion sheet or the one linked below.

Make sure you fill out the form with your name and period before submitting the test.

You can only take it one time so be very sure of what you are submitting to me.

It will email me the results and show you your score. It will also show me the amount of time that it took.

Do your best and good luck. EVERYONE should get an A on this!!!

Click the following link to start the test:

Test Closed

Table of Common Ions(PDF)


Chapter 4/5 Practice Test

Atoms and the Periodic Table Practice Test (click here)

There was a problem with #25, it didn't have a correct answer. I fixed it. -Thanks Marquis!

Also, tritium in #33 is 3H (Hydrogen-3)

Chart practice with answer key

Practice isotope/ion chart with key

Atomic structure notes

Periodic Table notes (only up to page 7!)

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